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2 Fort Campbell Families-Winter Introducing Sarabeth Martin M.D. Urologist Located At 219 W. 17th St. Hopkinsville Ky. 270-886-5141 Graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Central Arkansas with a B.S. in Biology. Graduated with honors from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Training in mimimally invasive surgery including use of the da Vinci Robotic Surgical System. Dr. Martin is pleased to be part of Jennie Stuart Urology. Specializing in diseases of the urinary tract and male reproductive system female and pediatric urology vasectomy reversals. Providing care and treatment for diseases affecting the bladder urethra kidneys and prostate. Fort Campbell Families-Winter 3 BUMPER TO BUMPER WARRANTY ON ALL VEHICLES FREE ON ALL VEHICLES USED VEHICLES CertifiedAP955 North Riverside Drive Clarksville 931.503.2020 VOTE D FAVORITE USED AUT O DEALER VOTEDFA VORITE USED AUTO DE ALER 4 Fort Campbell Families-Winter WHATS INSIDE Say Cheese 8 Pointers for getting a good photo of the kids with Santa Moments with Moms 10 Mother of four holds high hopes for herself and family Boxes of cheer 18 The ins and outs of sending care packages for the holidays Home away from home 20 How to celebrate Christmas with a loved one on deployment Pinterest presents 30 DIY gifts for everyone on your list Other stories Munch with Mrs. Mims 14 Real tree vs. faux tree 22 Weatherize your home for winter 24 Holiday event calendar 34 About us Fort Campbell Families is a magazine dedicated to the families that support the troops. Inside youll find helpful tips ideas for great family adventures and a host of other fun things for everyone in your family unit. Editor Zirconia Alleyne Advertising Manager Shirelle Fine Contributing Writers Dawnye Appel Jennifer Bailey Brian Coatney Becky Quinten Toni W. Riley Summer Thornsberry and Amy Jacquez. Recipes are courtesy of Relish Magazine. To advertise in Fort Campbell Families contact Shirelle Fine at 270-887-3293 or email her at 1618 East Ninth Street Hopkinsville KY 42240 270-887-3235 Editors Note Watching the news makes it hard to believe there are still genuinely good people in this world. From heartbreaking reports to heinous crimes its easy to conclude the world is in shambles and people are the ones making it that way. Although partly true there are still people willing to help out of the goodness of their hearts and expect noth- ing in return. Recently I saw this in action. Scrolling through Facebook one day in October I saw a post about stuffing purses with toiletries and giving them to homeless women. I shared the idea on my wall and asked if any- one would like to make this hap- pen in Hoptown. Multiple women jumped on board and got the ball rolling. I also sent an email about hope in a handbag to my Hop- kinsville Leadership classmates many of whom also joined the ini- tiative. Shortly after we had a logo pick-updrop-off arrangements and a few men who didnt want to stuff a purse but instead opened their wallets. In the end we were able to bless less fortunate women in the community with a gently used handbag filled with toiletries snacks and feminine products. It was inspiring for me to see love in ac- tion on such short notice and a shoestring budget. I really believe helping others is that simple. You dont need a lot of money or a lot of people to do a good deed. Its as easy as digging through your closet finding an old handbag or backpack and filling it with necessities for someone who needs them. Give it a try and Im sure youll feel more cheerful because of it. If purse packing isnt your thing try something different. Pinterest and social media are packed with ideas to help others and its a great way to teach your family that the season of giving is deeper than just expensive gifts. If youre looking for other creative ways to spread the holiday cheer weve got you covered. On pages 8 and 9 find tips on how to cap- ture a memorable photo for your Christmas cards and how to avoid a bad photo experience with Mr. Claus at the mall. If you have a loved one overseas this time of year turn to pages 18 and 20 for tips on how to stay connected during the holidays and how to send a lot of holiday cheer inside a small USPS package. On page 26 read about the Advent Conspiracy which is an initiative started by pastors who wanted to reiterate the meaning of Christmas. On page 28 learn a few ways you and your family can give back to the community without breaking the bank and while spending quality time together. I hope you are inspired to gather your family or a few friends to do a good deed during the holi- days this year. Whether its stuffing a purse or ringing a bell we can all add a little more good- ness to this crazy world we call home. Happy holidays Zirconia Alleyne Editor ZirconiaAlleyne Spread cheer creatively this Christmas Answers to crossword on page 39 BabyLoganonhisfirst Christmashelpsdeckthe hallswhilegetting wrappedupinthelights anddecor. PHOTO BY DAWNYE APPEL ON THE COVER Whosnextonourcover Vote for your favorite family photo at The winning family will be on the cover of our February issue. Fort Campbell Families-Winter 5 6 Fort Campbell Families-Winter Toni W. Riley served as the Christian County 4-H Agent for 35 years before retiring in 2014. She considers herself an outdoors person and raises a large garden including edible landscaping around her home and has two bee hives. Her work has been seen in the Kentucky New Era Fami- lies magazines and has won numerous awards. She was married to David Riley former New Era editor who died in 2005. She has two daughters Eliz- abeth 26 and Catherine 24. You can visit her website at or her blog at Brian Coatney is Assistant Professor of English at Hop- kinsville Community Colleges Fort Campbell campus. Brian a Hopkinsville resident has been with HCC since 2002. He has been married 43 years to local school psychologist Tandy Anderson Coatney. They have two sons and five grandchildren. Brian likes to ride his bicycle watch Turner Classic Movies and root for the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. His favorite food hangout is Tangy Roots Frozen Yogurt. At HCC he is a regular weekly blogger for plea- where he blogs about a va- riety of ways to mix pleasure with education. Jessica J. Wilson is married to a former United States Ma- rine. She is a stay-at-home mom of three beautiful chil- dren Leila 6 Kael 4 and Ker- rigan 3. Jessica has been writing for Fort Campbell Families for three years. She is outgoing and looks forward to what life will throw at her next. Krin Mims is a Georgia Peach brought to Hopkinsville by her agriculture-loving husband. She is a home and auto insurance guru by day a foodie by night mom to her labradoodle writer and lover of interior design and sunshine. With new restau- rants opening constantly Krin is always looking for dining suggestions. Contact her at Becky Quinten moved from Ohio to Hopkinsville after retiring from a 40-year career as a librarian. She especially loves medical libraries and sharing useful health informa- tion with anyone she meets. In her free time she enjoys quilting and spending time with her family. Summer Thornsberry is a native of Crofton. She is currently working hard in hopes of studying investiga- tive journalism in the future. Her work has been featured in Hoptown and Fort Campbell Families magazines. When shes not writing she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Dawnye Appel is owner of Danni Appel Photography. She is an event photographer and photojournalist at Fort Campbell. She lives with her husband her son and their two lively pups. A recent transplant to the area she spends her free time shop- ping taking photos drinking coffee and socializing. Jennifer Bailey is originally from Kansas City Missouri. She moved to the Fort Camp- bell area in 2012 with her hus- band who is serving in the Army. Recently having weight-loss surgery Jennifer spends her days frequenting the gym. She now lives on post with her husband their energetic dog and moody cat. Heather Short is a 30-some- thing married mother of three. She was born and raised in Rockford Illinois and spent the last six years living in Washington with her ac- tive-duty Army husband and their children before moving to Clarksville. Heather has been a freelance writer for various publications for over two years and recently gradu- ated from Saint Martins University with her B.A. in psychology. She enjoys road trips ex- periencing new places and seeing what the world has to offer. Amy Jacquez is originally from Athens Tenn. but has been a resident of the Chris- tian County area since 2006. She is a stay-at-home mom hobbyist photographer and freelance writer for the Fort Campbell Families and Hop- town Families magazines. She lives in Hopkinsville with her husband who is an over- seas civilian contractor and Army veteran their 6- and 12-year-old sons two Siberian Huskys and a Husky Malamute mix. UseyoursmartphonetoscantheQRcodebelow andlikeFortCampbellFamiliesonFacebook. Jennifer Bailey I ToniW. Riley I Brian Coatney I JessicaJ. Wilson I Heather Short I Krin Mims I Summer Thornsberry I Amy Jacquez I Dawnye Appel I Becky Quinten I CONTRIBUTINGWRITERS I Fort Campbell Families-Winter 7 Located inside the Kentucky New Era 1618 E. 9th Street Hopkinsville KY 270-885-7667 Celebrating lifes biggest moments... ... and tiniest joys We have the best selection and prices on wedding and baby invitation and announcements 8 Fort Campbell Families-Winter BY DAWNYE APPEL Christmastime means that malls department stores and shopping centers will set up a scene of the North Pole and allow parents to get a photo of their child with Santa. This inevitably makes us parents and kids just a little bit nervous but dont fret. We have some tips on how to prepare your child for a visit with Mr. Claus Dont go near naptime Its best to go to see Santa when your little one isnt sleepy. Make sure to go well before naptime or right after. Mixing sleepy kids with long wait times is a terrible idea. Be an early bird Oftentimes the lines arent as long early in the day and early in the season. Additionally having an important tradition checked off your list will help you focus on other seasonal fun things. Avoid peak hours To cut down on the frightful wait do the obvious and avoid going to see Saint Nick at peak hours. If its an option head to the line when its least likely to be congested. Stay calm Infants are often curious so they tend not to be- come upset if Mom and Dad are nearby and smiling. Toddlers and older kids may need a pep talk before- hand. Reassure them that its safe and fun to tell the Big Guy whats on their wish lists this year. Take Santa a gift Another trick for older children is to have them bring some- thing to Santa such as their wish list a letter or a small trinket. This will make them feel more like they are going to see an old friend and not some stranger in a red suit. Find the right Santa If you are planning to take photos or pay for the ones taken on site be sure to find a Santa that is suitable for you. In all honesty some Santas look better than others and you dont want an important memory marred by a photo of your little one with someone who looks like Uncle Ralph in a bad suit. Choose a more traditional and classically dressed Mr. Claus if you can. Dont sweat the small stuff Most importantly dont sweat it if there are some sniffles or tears. Its still an accurate account of how your child felt about Santa that year. If you do your best to prepare them and they still arent quite smitten with the idea its OK. Remember all kids are different and there are times when a few tears in a picture still make for an adorable keepsake. Snap with ANTASHowtoavoidtearstempertantrumswhenvisitingMr.Claus Fort Campbell Families-Winter 9 Thepicture-perfectformulaforcapturingadorableholidaymomentsofyourfamily Getting cards in the mail from loved ones is a special delight that comes with every holiday season. And we all love document- ing the the joy we experience while gather- ing with our loved ones. Whether you want to have a hand at cap- turing a great family photo for your own cards or candid photos for the Christmas scrapbook here are some pointers to help you get the best results from your camera and the kind of pictures you want to show the world. Lights camera action 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Self-timer Set up your camera with the self- timer or use a remote control to snap the photo. If you dont have a tripod or self-timer get together with a friend and snap the shots for each other. Tis the season to help others right Props Candy canes shatter-proof orna- ments holiday-themed stuffed ani- mals decked-out Christmas trees holiday storybooks. The options are limited only to what you can imagine. Festive backgrounds A Christmas tree lot downtown after Christmas lights are hung in a park or recreational area with lots of trees in the backyard after a snow- fall. Whatever you do make sure the area in the background is free of any- thing distracting. This could include cars play equipment or toys tele- phone poles other people brightly colored or painted items. As long as you find a clear and pretty back- ground you will have a great shot. Lighting Good lighting makes for glorious shots. The best time to photograph without using artifi- cial lighting is right after dawn or an hour be- fore dusk. These are known as the golden hours and will make photos have that beauti- ful golden glow that is popular among con- temporary professional photographers. If this cannot be done avoid high noon time when the sun is at its highest point in the sky generally 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Additionally if you are in a shady area make sure the shade isnt casting unflattering shad- ows on anyones face. If you opt to take the photos inside open the windows and let in all the light you can get. The time of day will be less important as windows act as natural light diffusers and you wont get harsh shadows. But be sure to get that light in because if its too dark your photos will be dark grainy or blurry and no one wants that. Groups or individual shots Many places that offer templates for Christ- mas cards also offer multi-image options. This gives the customer options too so take a few shots of the group some of the parents some of the kids together and each kid alone. Then when it comes time to craft your card you will for sure create something you love. Candid or posed Sometimes people focus on getting perfectly posed pictures. However catching the little ones having fun and enjoying the holi- day is just as important if not more so. Capture smiles and hugs the joys of opening gifts cookies getting gobbled and fam- ily spending time together. Sure set up a few posed and smiley photos but dont forget about grabbing shots of what makes the season special. Details So much time goes into deco- rating it would be a shame not to snap a few shots of the work that was done special ornaments on the tree crafts the kiddos made the stack of pretty wrapped gifts the stockings hung with care. Getting detail shots only adds to the memories that can be shared with absent family members or to fill photo al- bums or scrapbooks. CLARKSVILLES NEWEST INDOOR FAMILY FUN CENTER WE OFFER FULL SERVICE BIRTHDAY PARTIES EVENT PACKAGES - GROUP RATES AVAILABLE 10 MILITARY VETERANS DISCOUNT TEAR ME OUT BUY ONE ROUND- GET ONE HALF OFF Expires 2-28-16 FCF 211 Holiday Drive Clarksville Mon.-Thurs 12-9p Fri 12-10p Sat 11a-10p Sun 11a-8p Open Early During School Breaks Call for Times 931-378-5149 BY DAWNYE APPEL 10 Fort Campbell Families-Winter momentswithmoms What are your favorite holiday traditions Our favorite traditions are to have an ugly sweater contest and a silly secret Santa gift giveaway. Whoever is voted to have the ugliest sweater wins a gift card. As for our silly secret Santa gift giveaway my mother and I each buy 50 things for a total of 100 gifts. Throughout the year we go to yard sales thrift stores after-Christmas sales at stores and buy sillycheap gifts. This year I bought a box that says it is a human-size-hamster water jug but whats really inside is a box of wine. We each go around taking turns picking a gift that is already wrapped under the tree. Adults can trade with adults but cannot trade with chil- dren. Children ages 15 and under can trade with other children and adults if they would like. You can trade as many times as you like but once the last gift is unwrapped the trading stops. It is a lot of fun brings on ton of laughs and wonderful memories. What is your favorite Christmas movie My favorite Christmas movie is Disneys Sing Along Songs Very Merry Christmas Songs. What is the go-to meal your family is sick of eating My go-to meal is chicken spaghetti so easy and quick to make and so delicious. What is the one thing you cannot live without My EOS Lip Balm. What is the best Christmas gift you received from your children Seeing them open their gifts on Christmas. The happiness it brought to their faces and being so happy and humble for what they get. Last thing you bought for yourself The last thing I bought for myself was a hat and a pair of kitten high heels. I dont normally go out and buy myself stuff but I bought those two things because I have been invited by a friend to accompany her at the Kentucky Derby for Gold Star members. I was told at the Ken- tucky Derby one must dress up and must wear a hat I have never been to one and Im very excited and honored to attend and dress up for once. What is your guilty pleasure My guilty pleasure is Total Divas. Its a TV show about woman wrestlers. Ill admit I was never into wrestling until I started watching this show. I love how these women are strong independent intelligent and compassionate and still manage to have fun during their hectic workweeks. The drama also makes it exciting. How do you unwind at the end of a busy dayweek I like to unwind with my husband in our bed watching a TV show basketball or football game. Whats the last book you read and what did you think of it The last book I read was Star in the Storm by Joan Hiatt Harlow. Its a childrens chapter book but it was wonderful. My 10-year-old daughter has to read books for Accelerated Reader tests so she checks out books at her school library and we read the books together. She is really into history so the last couple of books have been fiction books. Although this book is not all fiction it is based on some true events and places. I love this book because it has drama. It pulls at your heartstrings and it has adventure and suspense. What is the must-have app or gadget for parents The must have appgadget for parents espe- cially those who are trying to eat healthier and exercise is the Jawbone wrist band and the UP app. This wristband and app are life chang- ing. It does all the hard work for you. It tracks your calories and how you exercise as well as your weight and even how you sleep. I highly recommend it. BY HEATHER SHORT W iife and mother of four dreams of success for her family continuing her education and helping others. FortCampbellmomSamanthaWrightsmilesforaphotowithhusbandThomasWrightdaughterCarolandsonsfromleftThomasJr.AntonioandTimothy.PHOTO PROVIDED Samantha WRIGHT Fort Campbell Families-Winter 11 Tourism OOffice call ffor yyouur llist oof eevents 105 WWalter GGarrett LLane OOak GGrove KKY 442262 270 4439-56675 -- Oak GGrovve KKY I-24 Exit 886 Valor HHall CConf. EEvent CCenter Viceroy PPerforming AArtss CCenter Butterfly GGarden Veterans PPicnic PPaviliion Disc GGolf 18 HHoles IIntermediate LLevel- Bring YYour OOwnn FFrisbee Tourism Commission 931-648-9400 licensed in TN and KY 136 Franklin St. Suite 200 CCllaarrkkssvviillllee TTNN 3377004400 Mon.-Fri. 8am-3ppm TN DivorceCustody Criminal Law DUI Defense StateFederal Criminal Defense Ky. DivorceCustody Social SecurityDisability Law Aggressive Affordable Attorneys That Will Step In and Provide You Highly Effective Legal Representation Stephanie D. Ritchie Esq. Attorney at Law Adrienne G. Fry Esq. Attorney at Law 12 Fort Campbell Families-Winter momentswithmoms In your words what is the best part about being a mother The best part about being a mother is seeing my children grow into their individual selves. My four children all have similar characteristics and then they have total opposite characteristics. For instance my first and third children are snugglers and my second and fourth children are not. My first and second children are very kind while my third and fourth children are kind to a certain extent. I love that about them. How do you remain a tight-knit family while everyone is so busy Although we are a very busy family we remain a tight-knit family because we preach to our kids that family is everything. We eat dinner together at the table every night we have family game nights family movie nights or family wrestlehide and seek nights. We try to do those fun activities through the week or every FridaySaturday night. We make time for one another because we are that important to each other. What do you envision for your future In the near future I hope to have a part-time job. I graduated with my bachelors degree earlier this year and my youngest two children will hopefully be in school full-time next year. I would like to find a career where I can apply what I worked so hard to accomplish. I also envision myself doing a lot more for the homeless and military community. I would like to volunteer more for Manna Habitat for Humanity and Operation Home- front. I would also like to find a job that would help alleviate college tuition costs so I can start on my dual masters degrees program in finance and business administration. I would also like to eventually go on and get my doctorate in either teaching or counseling. My ultimate career goal is to become a professor but I cant shake wanting to help homeless and military communities. I feel like if I became a counselor I could help so many more lives. I would also donate my time and expertise to those who could not afford it. Once my husband retires from the Army my goal is to one day own my own business with him. He is a great artist and I want to help others so we will see where this can lead us in the future. You have many accomplishments to be proud of. What was it like being a student wife and mother It wasnt easy being a student wife mother mentor and worker all at once but what kept me motivated was my family. I know that I cannot give up because the way of life for them would be sorely affected. What are your dreams for each of your children My dreams for my children are to grow up go to college and live comfortable lives. They dont have to be rich famous or extremely successful. I just want them to be able to afford the things they need and want without going into debt for it or compromising their integrity. I also would like to see them continue with some type of philanthropic work. I already see these qualities in my oldest child as she loves to help others especially those in need. They dont have to directly follow in my footsteps but some- thing that would help make a positive impact on their commu- nity would be wonderful. Whether thats as a coach for a sports team or being a friend for the elderly anything would make me proud. SamanthaWrightisanArmywifeandmotheroffour.Shealsograduatedwithabachelors degree earlierthisyearandlooksforwardtofindingajobthatwillalleviatetuitioncostsas shepursuesdualmastersdegreesinfinanceandbusinessadministration.PHOTO BY DAWNYE APPEL Fort Campbell Families-Winter 13 Book your Holiday Parties now ALWAYS MILITARY DISCOUNT Join us for the holidays Nestled oon tthe bbanks oof tthe CCumberland RRiver The CCatfish HHouse pprovvides aa ssecluded aand rrelaxed dinning eexperience llike nno oothher iin CClarksville. Hours Monday-Thursday 4pm-830pm Friday Saturday 4pm-9pm Sunday 1130am-8pm 1461 Zinc Plant Road 931-648-2121 Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park 20781 Pennyrile Lodge Rd. Dawson Springs KY 270 797-3421 Its the most wonderful time of the year The stockings are hung by the fireplace. Holiday lights festive attractions spectacular events and family traditions are just a few ways to celebrate the season at Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park. Visit our gift shop for discounts available during the holiday season. Open daily 8am-5pm. Dining will be availble daily at Clifty Creek Restaurant. December 12 - Live music in the dining room from 6 to 8 P.M. The night will begin with Chris Tolliver on Piano who will be followed by an encore performance by Gail McEwen singing holiday gospel music. January 1 - First Day of the Year Hike - Meet at noon in the lobby. Visit us for Unique Gift Giving Ideas 1100 Dunlop Lane Clarksville 931.645.8867 Visit Happy Holidays Visit us for Unique Gift Giving Ideas 14 Fort Campbell Families-Winter It was a cold Sunday in the fall and my husband and I were starving after church. We were in search of great brunch and the Internet recommended a local experience downtown at The Place. The parking including a small shared lot and parallel options was plen- tiful despite being located on a narrow one-way street. We couldnt miss the restaurants well-marked exterior with its beautifully decorated pumpkins hay and fall foliage. We arrived at 1045 a.m. making note that they open for brunch at 10 a.m. on Sundays. It took a moment for the staff to greet us but with only one other couple in the restaurant they seemed to be quite busy back toward the kitchen. A young man told us to choose a seat anywhere so we decided to go upstairs and eat while looking out over the restaurant. Menus were delivered and our drink order was taken. The dcor was a bit hodge-podge but there was a dis- tinct vision of Halloween throughout. Our table had Hal- loween placemats and figurines and we noticed lights and other dcor around the restaurant. Afamilyfoodcolumnaboutthemenusambianceandaffordabilityatlocalrestaurants ThePlacecapturesessenceofdowntown Krin Mims I ThefrontentranceofThePlaceindowntownHopkinsvilleisdeckedwith pumpkinsandfallfoliageonasunnyafternooninthefall.PHOTO BY KRIN MIMS Fort Campbell Families-Winter 15 16 Fort Campbell Families-Winter DOWNTOWN CONTINUED... There is something so calming about eating in downtown Hopkinsville the buildings are fascinating and the exposed brick and imprinted ceilings inside The Place make me wonder what those walls have seen. The char- acter that comes with a structure of its age was on-point and well displayed. Our server failed to introduce herself but ar- rived shortly with our drinks and asked if we had any questions. The menu was easy to un- derstand and well stocked with delicious op- tions especially for a Sunday brunch. My husband chose the Kennedy omelet and I chose eggs Benedict with crab cakes. While waiting for our food we did a little ex- ploring. The salt and pepper shakers were re- cently cleaned and the tables were all nicely set with napkins flatware and cute-themed placemats. Without being asked our server brought more coffee to the table during our short wait. Despite the Kennedy omelet 20-minute wait- ing disclaimer printed on the menu the food was out in no time and everything was steam- ing hot. Without wasting a moment I checked my poached eggs to see how theyd been cooked. The poaching process seems simple as youre simply boiling a cracked egg but a few mo- ments too long and youve cooked the yolk while a few moments too soon and youll have raw whites. I was thrilled to find perfectly poached eggs smothered in rich hollandaise sauce. Upon piercing the whites delicious yolk flowed over my crab cakes and crisped English muffins. The cheddar grits I chose for my side item were well seasoned and had plenty of cheesy bite. As a Georgia-grown grit connois- seur I give these grits a solid B for texture and taste. It seemed to me the grits may have been baked after the initial cooking process so they had a few more lumps than Id prefer. They were a little dry and crumbly overall. The hollandaise was creamy and perfectly seasoned. The crab cakes were seared with a nice crisp exterior but I found they were made up primarily of filler. Im a huge fan of crab cakes and finding more breading and veggies than lump crab meat was quite disappointing. The Kennedy omelet was full of cheese pep- pers onions and sausage. It was gigantic and very well seasoned. The hashbrown casserole was fantastic and tasted fresh I could have eaten an entire plate of the hashbrown casse- role alone. There were also four large wedges of bread on the plate and a small container of fruit. The fruit was advertised as fresh on the menu but the grapes canned pineapple and grainy can- taloupe left us dissatisfied. We ordered some of the higher priced items on the brunch menu and walked away spend- ing over 40. It was delicious but Im not sure it was worth that much in regard to freshness and food quality. We were unable to finish our meals as the portion sizes were substantial. The staff continued to come by the table to check on us and offer us fresh drinks. They were all extremely friendly and quick. Though we only saw three other customers come in I think it would be a fantastic place for families. They seem to have a lively lunch crowd Monday through Friday a Friday fish fry and weekend brunch. Overall we will ab- solutely visit The Place again to sample more of their menu and friendly service. Mimsrating Taste Atmosphere Family Friendly Menu Pricing Food Quality Be sure to try The Hashbrown Casserole It was very creamy with a well balanced amount of potato onion and cheese. My husband loves hashbrown casserole and ranked this toward the top of his list. TheKennedyomeletwhichhasa20-minutewaitingdisclaimerinthemenuisfilledwithcheesepeppersonions andsausage.Itisaccompaniedbyhashbrowncasseroletoastandfreshfruit.PHOTO BY KRIN MIMS Hollandaisesaucepoursoverpoachedeggscrabcakes andEnglishmuffinswithasideofgrits.PHOTO BY KRIN MIMS Try it at home Cheese grits Get creative with your grits for breakfast even if youre using a quick-cook packet.Try using half water and half milk try new cheeses and add cooked bacon or other meats. I love using smoked Gouda cheese it has an earthy smoky taste but creamy mild avor. It can easily transform breakfast or add a creamy alternative with steak and shrimp for supper. ThePlace A LocalEateryCo Cuisine American Location 104 East Sixth Street Hopkinsville Phone 270-874-5357 Fort Campbell Families-Winter 17 Fort Campbell Families-Winter 19 931-641-8437 KINGSCUSTOM COVERS - Daniel King Owner - Pool Covers Repairs Wagon Covers 270-475-1801 Call 730AM-800AM 2679 Pembroke-Oak Grove Rd. Pembroke KY CUSTOM - MADE FOR YOUR BOAT KINGSCUSTOM COVERS - Daniel King Owner - SWING AWNINGS and COVERS BERLIN FOLDING TONNEAU or HINGED BED COVERS Makingyo urspousefeelspecialfromtheothersideoftheworld Holidaysaway fromho me 20 Fort Campbell Families-Winter BY BRIAN COATNEY When you have four boys from ages 11 to 1 and your husband is an Army veteran of 10 years life is challenging but its espe- cially challenging at Christmas during a deployment. Its a reality for military families everywhere but each one deals with it in their own way. The last holiday deployment for the Ellis family was 2013. Rebekah lived with her in- laws in Miami while her husband Matthew was overseas. Though Miami isnt the land of snow and sleds the holidays are embed- ded in us no matter where we live and Re- bekah had to find creative ways to keep the Christmas spirit. Both sides of their extended family live in the Miami area so that meant lots of visit- ing presents and food. Christmas in Miami also meant flip-flops tank tops palm trees and swimming pools. I feel worse for my husband than for us when hes gone said Rebekah who is now stationed at Fort Campbell with him. That year she sent him a foldup plastic Christmas tree with a string of lights and or- naments. Matthew sent back a photo of the tree set up in his room. About Christmas Day Matthew said he missed not seeing the kids faces when they opened their presents. Even when deployed he helps Rebekah decide what presents to get their children. Its just hard when I cant be there in the moment Matthew said. Care packages also conveyed love during his deployments. The kids sent drawings of Dads favorite things and handwritten letters along with practical things like boxers and body wash and sentimental favorites like picture albums. With the wonders of technology there was regular communication during Matthews deployment unlike the days when deployment meant letter writing. The Christmas of 2014 brought a delight- ful change. It was the first time Matthew and Rebekah did Christmas at home with just the boys. They put the tree in the dining room and Christmas music set the mood. One of their family outings was a walk along the Cumberland River to see the lights and decorations. It was nice to have my husband home Rebekah said. Another pleasure last year was enjoying the holiday at a slower pace. Because ex- tended family stayed in Miami the couple said It was just us. On Christmas Eve the family enjoyed the fireplace and played board games like Sorry and Life while drinking egg nog which for Mom and Dad may or may not have been spiked. On Christmas morning the family ate a big breakfast complete with bacon eggs pancakes and fresh fruit. After opening pres- ents everyone wore Santa hats with elf ears around the house while laughing at each other. Dont stress about buying the perfect gift and keep things simple when you need to. Pick realistic goals and let the rest go. Remember Sometimes less is more. Start preparing for the holidays early. Avoid overcompensating and always thinking Thats not enough. Know your children and decide what gifts really matter and what gifts dont. Tips for handling holiday deployments Fort Campbell Families-Winter 21 22 Fort Campbell Families-Winter Realorfaux Faux Some families opt to invest in a faux Christmas tree. This gives fam- ilies the ability to have a perfect tree year after year. They are relatively easy to assemble and can also be stored effortlessly. For many the general appeal of having a faux Christmas tree is the lack of cleanup after the holidays. Another reason why faux trees are popular is because people tend to grow frustrated with the amount of tree needles they have to clean up out of the carpet and get sucked up into a vacuum. More important than the ease of cleanup faux trees are a great op- tion for those physically unable to go out to purchase a real tree. Small faux trees offer the elderly or disabled the ability to have a Christmas tree they otherwise might not be able to get themselves. Some fam- ilies choose an artificial tree due to allergies as well. Real On the other side of the spectrum are the die-hard fans of real Christ- mas trees. Many families have traditions of going to a tree farm find- ing the perfect evergreen and cutting it down themselves. Its the adventure of walking through rows of trees that many people find so appealing. Fundraising groups find success selling real Christmas trees during the holidays. While the groups dont run a tree farm they still give the public an opportunity to choose a tree perfect for their family. The most popular reason why real Christmas trees are a holiday fa- vorite The smell No matter what kind of candle you buy or how much holiday baking you do nothing seems to beat that fresh cut Christmas tree scent that lingers throughout the home. When guests walk through the front door and smell that unmistakable pine scent they just know its Christmastime. BY HEATHER SHORT As soon as the hoopla from Thanksgiving is over the tune in the air turns to the sounds of Christmas carols. Some families put up their annual Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving and others choose different days. No matter what day fam- ilies work together to haul out their bins of decorations. Children open the boxes of ornaments and families reminisce about the meaning behind particular Christmas tree ornaments. There are often years-old family traditions behind putting up and decorating a Christmas tree but of course it all begins with the tree itself. This is where many face the great debate Do you buy a real or faux Christmas tree There is no right or wrong way to choose a Christmas tree for your family as each family has different preferences. There are many reasons why different types of trees both real and faux work out perfectly for the season. Christmas is not about whats under the tree or even what type of tree you choose it is about who is around it with you to celebrate the magic of the holidays. HowtochooseaChristmastreethatfitsyourfamily Fort Campbell Families-Winter 23 24 Fort Campbell Families-Winter 1 BY BECKY QUINTEN Now is the time to prepare for bad weather and to protect your home from the elements. Weatherizing your home can increase your cold-weather comfort and reduce expenses. Use the following tips to make your winter days at home more comfortable and cozy. Carefully inspect your windows for cracks and gaps. Caulking will prevent warm air loss and decrease your heating bills. There are many varieties of caulk at a wide range of prices. Dont worry about laying the perfect caulk line. If your results are not perfect it is easy to clean up misplaced caulk from glass with a razor or a damp cloth if the caulk is still wet. Install weather stripping if needed. Storm windows are available for both the interior and ex- terior now. Some exterior storm windows can be left up year round and have screens so windows can be opened in warmer months. Check with the local electric company to see what re- bates are available for installing storm windows. Clean your gutters so the roof can properly drain. Repair or re- place loose or damaged gutters. Proper roof drainage will prevent water from seeping into the shingles and extend the life of your roof. Check your shingles they are your houses umbrella. Replace damaged or curled shingles and re-nail loose shingles to prevent damage to the roofs underlayment. Cover your exterior faucets to prevent the pipes from freezing. Be sure to disconnect the garden hose from the faucet. If you have a wood stove or fireplace be sure it is cleaned so the cresol residue from the wood does not catch fire. Be sure to check your fireplace screens and invest in a fireplace rug that will protect the flooring or carpet from sparks. Have your fire extinguisher serviced and place it where you can reach it quickly. Insulate the water heater and any exposed pipes to prevent freezing and to save money. Energy Saver at says insulating the water heater can reduce standby heatloss by 25 to 45 percent and decrease water heating costs up to 9 percent. Check and upgrade your attic insulation if needed. Proper venting of the attic is essential and can reduce your heating and cooling costs throughout the year. The local electric company can advise you on how to weath- erize and the Tennessee Valley Authority offers a rebate for insulating. You can enroll in the program at Currently TVA recommends an insulation value of R38. Additionally there is a tax break for weath- erizing your home. Save all your receipts so you can take advantage of the savings. Inspect your exterior doors and thresholds for gaps. Caulk or weatherize as needed. Refer to no. 1 for tips on caulking any cracks you find. Check the batteries and test your smoke alarms. If you dont have smoke alarms or they no longer work this is an ideal time to invest in new ones. Carbon monoxide detectors can alert you to the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning. Some de- tectors can be plugged into an outlet eliminating the need for batteries. 2 3 4 ways to weatherize comfycozy your home for winter 5 6 7 8 9 10 Get referrals from friends and neighbors.TVA will provide you with a list of approved contractors once you have enrolled in the home weatherization program called E-score.You can enroll at Ask to see the contractors license and proof of insurance. Ask what warranty they will provide for their work and get it in writing preferably on the written quote. The quote should outline what they are going to do. It should itemize the costs for each item when the work will be done and the payment schedules. Since contractors are private businesses prices may vary widely. Get multiple quotes and carefully compare what services each will provide. If you prefer the con- tractor with the higher price ask what extra value you are getting for your money. Need help weatherizing Fort Campbell Families-Winter 25 26 Fort Campbell Families-Winter The Advent Conspiracy More Christmas less materials BYTONIW. RILEY Each year holiday preparations start earlier and earlier There are reminders of how many days until Christmas as early as Labor Day Christmas decorations are alongside Hal- loween costumes and horror stories abound of Black Friday. Shoppers crash through doors knocking people over as everyone rushes to get the bargains. Surely this isnt why there is a Christmas holiday. The true meaning of Christmas isnt lost but its become hidden in the overstimulation of shoppers who want to be generous with their families possibly to a fault. The season isnt about fretting over what to give someone and its not about the thrill of waiting until Christmas Eve to purchase gifts. Christmas is a time of celebration a time for sharing and giving and showing love to one another while remembering the birth of Jesus. Is Christmas truly Christmas if families dont stop to re- member why this holiday occurs How can families still cel- ebrate Christmas without worrying about what is needed much less wanted How can families draw back on the foun- dation of why Christmas is celebrated A place to start could be with The Advent Conspiracy This global movement began in 2006 as a collaboration between Rick McKinley pastor of Imago Dei Community in Portland Oregon Greg Holder pas- tor of The Crossing in St. Louis and Chris Seay pastor of Ec- clesia in Houston Texas who imagined a better Christmas practice in their communities the idea that Christmas can still change the world. The pastors had an overwhelming response to this new idea and the Conspiracy was born. Today The Advent Con- spiracy as its mission statement says is a movement of people and churches resisting the cultural narrative of con- sumption by choosing a revolutionary Christmas of worship- ping fully spending less giving more and loving all. These principles could help any family who observes the Christmas holiday take a step back and develop a simpler way of celebrating. Give more Following the role model set by Jesus giving of oneself is the most memorable powerful gift anyone can give. Spend- ing time with those a person loves or someone who needs love is an opportunity that has amazing benefits for every- one. Give financially to something different like a national or in- ternational charity. Since its beginning Advent Conspiracy has encouraged financial donations to help meet the global water crisis. Give a donation in honor of a family member to an organization such as the American-Caribbean Experience or Heifer International. Worship fully How a person worships God and Christ is very personal but regardless of how or if a person worships Christmas be- gins with Jesus. The celebration of Christmas is to honor the birth of the Messiah. Churches will have many special events to celebrate the message of Christ and the love that his birth brought to the world. If regularly attending a church isnt a part of the family rou- tine Advent is a wonderful time to find a church and join the celebration. Celebrating Jesus birth can be accomplished in other ways visiting a Nativity Scene listening to Christmas hymns watching a Christmas movie or reading the Christmas story in the books of Luke or Matthew in the Bible. Spend less According to the National Retail Federation Americans spent 602 billion during the Christmas season last year and a good deal of that cost went on credit cards. But can any- one remember the first gift they received last year Maybe not if the gift wasnt something that was really wanted or even needed. The Advent Conspiracy doesnt say stop giving gifts but rather stop spending money on gifts that wont be remem- bered in six months. Spending less can mean listening and thinking more and not just buying random presents. Did your mother mention a book she wanted to read Do you have friends like movies but dont go because they have small children Does your wife want to try a new cuisine in the kitchen Did you hear your husband say something about gardening Listening to peoples interests provides a good start to giving a gift that has meaning. When buying look for fair trade vendors and support local vendors and outreach programs. One suggestion is Thistle Farms in Nashville which sells handmade home goods by women who are survivors of trafficking violence addiction and extreme poverty. Like the women at Thistle Farms making gifts by hand is a wonderful expression of love. Receiving something hand- made shows that someone cared enough to make a one-of- a-kind gift. The Advent Conspiracy says By spending wisely on gifts we free ourselves from the anxiety associated with debt so we can take in the season with a full heart. Fort Campbell Families-Winter 27 at a perfect price CUSTOMIZE THE PERFECT GIFT aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa EDEN DAY SPA 150 Hillcrest Dr. Clarksville 931.552.2313 Gift Certificates Also Available For Holiday Purchases. 28 Fort Campbell Families-Winter tis the season tobe jolly BY AMY JACQUEZ The stores are adorned with red green and gold decor. Christmas carols are play- ing on every speaker. Hints of cinnamon apple and freshly cut pines are flowing through the air. Childrens eyes are twin- kling with happiness and delight. Its the most wonderful time of the year. Or is it Many people are wrapping gifts for loved ones last-minute shopping and mailing off Christmas cards but in a time of such rush and chaos does it really feel like the season of giving Aside from giving gifts to the ones who mean the most to us there are a number of ways we can give back to our local community and those who are in need. When thinking about giving back this season choose something you can do with your family to help someone else. There are many opportunities that chil- dren and adults can do together. One of the simplest ways to give back is to shop local. Every town has small businesses that are locally owned and many of them carry unique gifts to help mark off that wish list. By shopping local you ensure more money is kept inside your community for schools public works outreach and other local agencies. Volunteering is a great way for an entire family to give back. Taking a few hours out of a Saturday to help a good cause make a huge impact on the community. Check with your local animal shelter about walking and interacting with the animals or to cleaning around the facility. If you are not an animal lover try local mission cen- ters and soup kitchens. In the winter they are almost always beyond capacity and could use all the extra hands they can get. Help serve hot meals hand out warm drinks or simply offer an ear to listen. On the nights the missions open as cold weather shelters help set up cots and hand out blankets for the homeless. Along with volunteering missions are always open to donations for everyday items. Animal shelters could always use dog and cat food as well as linens which are used in kennels to give animals a soft warm spot to sleep while waiting on their forever home. Local mission centers need canned goods water paper plates paper and plastic cups hygiene items paper products warm gloves hats and socks just to name a few. During the holidays local and national charities are pushing their donation drives. This is the biggest time of the year for these charities and many of them rely on donations from their supporters. When you ddoonnaattee ttoo aa cchhaarriittyy you can choose exactly what you want to support and exactly how much you are willing to give. Simple random acts of kindness are small ways of giving back this season and every day of the year. The list of kind things to do is endless. To name a few Let someone ahead of you in line at the grocery store or help someone load groceries into their car. Make a visit to the local nursing homes just to listen to stories of times past from some of the residents. Some- times all they need is a kind ear to listen and a smiling face to brighten their spirits during the holidays. While baking your holiday treats make extra and visit the police fire EMS or rescue stations and surprise them with homemade goodies while saying a quick thank you for their service and duty. Invite a new neighbor over for the holiday festivities. Choosing to give back to the commu- nity is a great way to celebrate the holiday season. If youre able make it a family affair and get everyone involved. You may even start a new tradition that will be passed on for generations all while helping great causes during the season of giving. KIND Fort Campbell Families-Winter 29 From the nursery to the playroom playtime should be safe and fun. But experts say that be- yond these considerations these spaces should incorporate elements that promote early childhood development. Infancy and preschool years are a crucial time of childrens lives when they are develop- ing new motor cognitive language and social skills says Dr. Lise Eliot Early Brain Develop- ment Expert and Expert Panel Member at VTech a world leader in age-appropriate and de- velopmental stage-based electronic learning products for children. Toys should provide multi-sensory experiences that engage and cul- tivate a love of learning from a very young age while delivering the developmental benefits ap- propriate for each childs age and stage. To encourage growth and enrich childrens play experiences Dr. Eliot and VTech offer these tips Include books in the playroom and read often to your child. Doing so will demonstrate well before the school years begin that reading is not just for classroom but also a recreational activity that can and should be done for fun. Look ahead by adding books that will be age-ap- propriate in the future. Development happens extremely rapidly so seek out learning toys that grow with chil- dren. For example the Sit-to-Stand Ultimate Al- phabet Train which teaches letters numbers colors and vocabulary can be used for floor play or a ride on. Once babies are on their feet it can be transformed into a walker or a wagon that can be pulled helping to build motor skills. Kids are never too young to develop an appreciation for music. Babies can start by play- ing with tambourines maracas toy keyboards and other fun musical toys. Child-sized instru- ments can improve hand-eye coordination and rhythm and set kids up for lifelong musical in- spiration. Create safe zones in your house where kids can have free reign to play and explore. The more opportunity children have for physi- cal exertion and exploration the better for the development of both their minds and bodies says Eliot. Focus on giving preschool age kids a head start on their education. Provide them with fun ways to get started such as the Write Learn Creative Center which features animated demonstrations to teach proper stroke order for uppercase and lowercase letters as well as drawing activities to inspire skills and creativity in young artists. Foster language and social skills by spend- ing time each day playing together. The interac- tions you share are key to cognitive and emotional development as well as social and emotional growth. Research has proven that early two-way conversations with babies and young children are critical to their own speech and reading development. To encourage social skills and prepare young children for preschool set up play dates with friends. For more playful ideas parenting tips and in- formation about early childhood development visit www.vtechkids.commilestones. By incorporating these elements and toys that nurture a range of critical cognitive and physical skills you can make playtime not only fun but functional. StatePoint Media 6 ways to nurture early childhood development Our highly dedicated and integrated team of caregivers deliver personalized quality care at the right time in the right setting. Capstone Pediatrics is your comprehensive family- friendly medical home for preventative and primary care from newborn to age 20. Middle Tennessees pediatric and adolescent center of excellence Same Day Appointments Weekend Extended Oce Hours 11 Locations Across Middle Tennessee SERVING LEBANON and MT. JULIET NEW LEBANON OFFICE800 Weatherly Drive Suite 201B - Clarksville 931-648-1912 Serving Clarksville CLARKSVILLE 800 Weatherly Drive Suite 201B 931-648-1912 Same Day Appointments Saturday Clinic Hours 247 On Call Services 12 Locations Across Middle Tennessee 30 Fort Campbell Families-Winter Packed with holiday cheer Hugs Kisses Jar FROM THEHAPPYHOMEMAKER.COM WHAT YOU NEED A clean dry mason jar a bag of Hersheys Hugs Kisses decorative ribbon and chalk- board label optional. DIRECTIONS Mix the Hugs Kisses together and fill the jar. Tie decorative rib- bon around the lid to make a bow. If you are using a chalkboard label simply write Hugs Kisses or Merry Kiss-mas or use burlap like the jar to the left. Its a simple sweet gift to give any time of the year. BY AMY JACQUEZ We all love the idea of giving gifts during the holidays but it can be overwhelming to find the perfect gift for the people on your list who are impossible to buy for. Sometimes you have a last-minute party to attend and need a quick gift for the Dirty Santa game. You think and think about what to give them and come up empty handed. Luckily there are many quick and easy do-it-yourself options that are sure to please and will truly be a gift from the heart. Cookie Mix Jar FROM CULDESACCOOL.COM WHAT YOU NEED A clean dry mason jar dry cookie mix recipe card and decorative rib- bon. DIRECTIONS Fill the jar with dry cookie mix and secure the lid. Tie decorative ribbon around the lid. The recipe card should include the recipe of the home- made cookie mix or baking in- structions if the mix was prepackaged. Punch a hole in the card and use ribbon to tie it to the lid. Finish with a simple bow. Find printable recipe cards for Cranberry Winter Cookies in a jar at Easydo-it-yourselfgiftsfitforajarorabasket Hidden Money Jar FROM KREATIVEKRISTIES.BLOGSPOT.COM WHAT YOU NEED A clean dry mason jar any individually wrapped candy of your choice empty toilet paper roll any amount of money and decorative ribbon. DIRECTIONS Place the empty toilet paper roll into the jar. Pour the candies of choice between the jar and the roll making sure to cover the roll as much as possible so it cannot be seen from the out- side of the jar. Place the money inside the roll and cover with more candy. Replace the lid and finish with decorative ribbon. The receiver of this gift will be very surprised to find the little present left inside. Essential Oils Bath Salts FROM THEIDEAROOM.NET WHAT YOU NEED A clean dry mason jar with lid Epsom salt essential oils of choice. DIRECTIONS Fill half of jar with Epsom salt add essential oils of choice continue filling with Epsom salt. Shake jar to disperse oils through the salts. To use add salts to running bath water and relax. Sootheandsmooth Try lavender for relaxation wild orange and grapefruit for invigoration or lavender and eucalyptus for soothing muscles. Turn the page for more DIY gift ideas. Fort Campbell Families-Winter 31 PROVIDED BY FIRST COMMAND FINANCIAL Successful investing requires making consis- tently sound choices. It also requires avoiding these four mistakes that can hurt any invest- ment program. Mistake1 Waitingtostartinvestingtowardagoal Most people have two major goals that they want their investments to accomplish. They need to pay for their childrens college educa- tion and to provide a comfortable income for their retirement. But frequently they invest for just one goal at a time and that is a major mis- take. The reason is simple. If you wait to save for your retirement until after you have taken care of your childrens education youll be effec- tively out of time. Its almost impossible to build a large fund for your retirement in the limited number of years that usually remain between your last childs graduation and your retirement. Instead you need to work toward both goals si- multaneously. And like any long-range activ- ity the sooner you begin the better. Experts advise that its smart to start saving for your childs college on the day when you say thanks to your obstetrician. For retirement the ideal time to begin is whenever you start your first full-time job. If you follow the experts ad- vice you will build toward both your goals at the same time over many years. You can start with smaller amounts every payday and increase them as your earnings rise. Your result in the end will be much better than if you try to make up for the time youve lost with larger retire- ment savings over just a few years. Mistake2 Investingconservativelyforlong-termgoals The many-year time frames of your invest- ment goals are long enough to allow your in- vestments to recover from the periodic declines that inevitably affect investment markets. Many investors decide that conservative investments are the way to counter the possibility of market declines. That is also a major mistake. Invari- ably low investment risk means low returns that barely keep pace with inflation. With essen- tially no gains from investment growth your progress is limited to just the amounts you put into your account. Thats almost like using a shoebox to save for your education and retire- ment needs. Instead of choosing only conser- vative investments you should consider how much risk you can take with your investments and then choose a mix of investments that offer the highest potential return for the amount of risk you are comfortable with. Mistake3 Beingtooconservativeafterretirement You are likely to live many years after you re- tire. IRS life expectancy charts add about 20 years to your retirement party age but many in- dividual investors choose to ignore this fact. When they retire they shift all their assets into cash equivalent investments such as certifi- cates of deposit and money market accounts. Thats the wrong answer for anyone who stops working. Its a mistake because conservative investments are not likely to grow as much as you need them to. Inflation combined with drawing on your investment principal may erode your standard of living at the time when you should be enjoying it most. Its much better to preserve an investment mix with growth po- tential and gradually shift parts of your assets into more conservative investments as you are close to drawing on them. Mistake4 Believingeverythingyouread That includes this article. The all-knowing pub- lication or book on personal finance simply doesnt exist. The general information you read here is good advice yes but it is necessarily from a general perspective. Every individuals fi- nancial situation needs and goals are different. Four mistakes that can prevent investment success 32 Fort Campbell Families-Winter GIFTS CONTINUED... Gift baskets are a fun way to give several items to anyone in your life regardless of age gender or interests. When making gift baskets think about the recipient and build the basket around their interests. For instance if they are nuts about cooking fill the basket or a colander like below with kitchen tow- els bamboo cooking utensils new potholders trivets a new recipe book or even the ingredients for a special meal. How about that movie buff Fill a basket with individual bags of popcorn extra toppings and movie theater candy with a gift card to the local theater or Redbox. Dont be afriaid to think outside the box when it comes to the baskets themselves. There are so many options when it comes to putting them together. A mens toi- letry bag could be filled with shaving supplies for a bearded guy or a toolbox could be stuffed with new tools for the handyman. Newlyweds and new homeowners would enjoy a laundry basket full of simple necessities for their new home. Thoughful momentos are simple to make as well. Sometimes an updated family photo in a new frame is the best gift of all especially for parents and grandparents. If you are giving a family photo be sure to date it on the back and list the names and ages of everyone in the picture. If you have a book full of passed-down family recipes the holidays are a great time to pull them out copy them and create a modern recipe box for the budding cook of the family. Baked goods are always a welcomed treat when it comes to gift giving. There is nothing better than receiving a plateful of freshly baked cookies around the holidays. With minimal effort and a bit more thought anyone can create a heartfelt gift for each person on their list. Tis the season of giving and what better way to give than a DIY gift made with love. Thinkoutsidethebox Get creative when thinking of baskets for gifts. For example a new toiletry bag could hold shaving items or a colander could hold the ingredients to a recipe. Decorate a wooden recipe box to hold family recipes for the chef in your life. Fort Campbell Families-Winter 33 facebook.comFortCampbellFamiliesMag Sponsored by the following local businesses Enter your family photos in the Fort Campbell Families Photo Contest and you could be on our cover ... ... and win a FREE recliner courtesy of Herb Hays Furniture PLUS a 50 Gift Certificate to Old Chicago in Clarksville TN Visit and click on Photo Contest Please make sure all photos submitted are high resolution Submission Period Oct. 1-Nov. 30 Voting Period Dec. 1-Dec. 31 Winning photo will appear on the February 2016 issue 34 Fort Campbell Families-Winter Family-friendlyeventsthatmakeyouforgetitscoldoutside Winter Wonders Drive-thru nativity From 6 to 9 p.m. Dec. 4 through 6 Grace Church of the Nazarene 3135Trenton Road will tell the story of Jesusbirth with a drive-thru nativity complete with actors and live animals.The drive-thru is free along with free hot chocolate coee and cookies. Hopkinsville Christmas Parade 10 a.m. Dec. 5 Fun for the whole family Hopkinsvilles annual Christmas Parade begins on Glass Avenue goes down Main Street and then nishes on South 16th Street.The parade is free to anyone who can nd a good spot to sit and enjoy the holiday music and decorative oats. Dont miss Santa bringing up the rear throwing candy into the crowd. Clarksville Christmas Parade 5 p.m. Dec. 5 Beginning at Austin Peay State University this lighted Christmas parade is positively a sight to see.With oats required to have a minimum of 1000 lights and organi- zations competing for theTop 3 spots this parade shines every year. It goes through historic downtown Clarksville and ends at APSU where it started.This lovely holiday display is at no cost to you and your family. BY JESYKA MCKNIGHT Christmas at the Bend 1 to 3 p.m. Dec. 5 Bring the kids to Jeers Bend on Metcalfe Lane in Hopkinsville and participate in a fun-lled afternoon that the whole family can enjoy. There will be indoor holiday activities and crafts. Refreshments will be served.The event costs 5 per car or 10 per bus. Ugly Sweater Fun Run 9 a.m. Dec. 5 We can always count on Clarksville to do a Saturday morning dierently. Join the 5K Ugly Sweater Fun Run which starts at Beachaven Vineyards Winery. Put on your most hideous Christmas sweater and walk jog or run the race to benet the Humane Society. Registration is available online at www. or onsite the morning of the race. Christmas in Cadiz 4 p.m. Dec. 5 This evening event with numerous activities that both children and adults will love kicks o withThe Festival of Trees and its display full of Christmas decorations. At the same time Disney Downtown begins with over 30 Disney characters mingling with the crowd until about 6 p.m. Cookies smores and hot chocolate will be served. After that the nighttime parade will begin fromTrigg County High School with bands and lighted oats sure to get you in the holiday spirit. End the evening with a lovely drive-thru viewing of holiday decorations at Christmas in the Park.The icing on topThe entire event is free. Even better. Fort Campbell Families-Winter 35 For many families the holiday season means giving celebrating and spending time together -- but it also means chilly weather and long hours cooped up inside the house. This year consider using the down- time to help children tap into their natural creativity. Here are some festive ways to motivate kids to en- gage in fun and active learning. Family Room Fort If the weather outside is frightful transform the family room or den into an opportunity for adventure. Kids can use the couch blankets and all those boxes that seem to amass during the holidays to create a fort which makes the perfect temporary stand-in for a treehouse or outdoor clubhouse. Let kids get creative by decorating the outside of the boxes with snowflakes snowmen and other seasonal shapes. Imaginative Toys Parents can ensure creativity continues long after kids unwrap their presents. Playtime is also learning time according to Dr. Deb- orah Libby Early Childhood Read- ing and Language Expert and VTech Expert Panel Member Play ideally begins early and continues throughout a childs life helping them learn think socialize prob- lem solve and ultimately have fun. One great choice for sparking imaginations and building motor skills is the Go Go Smart Wheels Ultimate RC Speedway from VTech. With 4.5 feet of track which incorporates features like a stunt ramp elevator track switches and more this new set inspires interactive play all year round. Kids take charge by using a remote control to zoom the RC SmartPoint Racer around the brightly-colored course which also activates playful music and sounds to further engage little ones. Another option is VTechs Go Go Smart Friends Busy Sounds Discovery Home cleverly designed to demonstrate cause and effect relationships to toddlers. Each friend comes alive when placed on one of the houses MagicPoint lo- cations through the use of talk song light and motion. The charac- ters also interact with one another teaching children how to introduce themselves and build friendships. The Go Go Smart Animals Grow Learn Farm features an electronic barn that teaches kids about colors numbers and plants. When toddlers roll Reggie the Rooster over each of the farms SmartPoint locations theyll hear new phrases music and cool sound effects. Gadgets dont have to mean pas- sivity these toys use interactive technology to occupy kids with the kind of imaginative play and creativ- ity that furthers development and learning long after the holidays are over. Arts Crafts Making holiday decorations at home is a great way to get children involved in stimulating hands-on activities. With just a few simple art supplies children can craft their own greeting cards create snowflake shapes that double as ornaments or help design ginger- bread houses. Such activities not only enhance fine motor skills but also inspire kids to use their innate inventiveness. This holiday season and beyond keep boredom at bay by encourag- ing kids to be creative and mentally active. StatePoint Media Toddlerboredombustersfortheholidayseason Now Enrolling... All Elementary Grades for the 2015-2016 School Year Student-directed learning. Individual lesson plans for each student. Classroom placement based on developmental ability rather than age. Little Scholars Clarksvilles Premier Montessori School CALL 931-320-1640 OR STOP BY FOR A TOUR 1844 MEMORIAL DR. WWW.LITTLESCHOLARS.INFO 36 Fort Campbell Families-Winter Pennyrile Polar Express 4 p.m. Dec. 12 A free event in downtown Hopkinsville with train-themed activities and holiday vibes. Its located on Ninth Street between LN Depot and Founders Square. Refreshments will be served as you view thePolar Expressdecorations listen to Christmas music and mingle with other families in the community. Christmas on the Cumberland 5 p.m. Nov. 24 to Jan. 3 This gorgeous light display can be enjoyed all through the holiday season. It begins Nov. 24 with Christmas music choirs dancers and decorations lining the McGregor Park Riverwalk 640 N. Riverside Drive Clarksville.The park is open to the public and family pets at about 5 p.m. just enough time for the sun to go down.Vendors set up each weekend. Its the perfect after-dinner stroll for the family to bask in the Christ- mas spirit. Christmas tree lighting 6 p.m. Dec. 12 Hopkinsville gathers downtown at Founders Square for live holiday music decorating awards and the ocial lighting of the town Christmas tree. A continuance of festivities from the earlier Polar Expressthis brings the town together for an evening of Christmas cheer. Indoor Aquatic Center wintertime swim time Toddler Splash 10 a.m. to noon every rstWednesday from November to May One of the only things my family and I dislike about the winter is no more pool days. But at Clarksvilles Indoor Aquatic Center 166 Cunningham Lane you and your little ones can swim for 3 per person.Toddler Splash for children ages 1 to 5 years takes place on the rstWednesday of every month November through May.There is play equipment for the children and refreshments are served.The center also has regular hours giving everyone a chance to splash around inside while its cold outside. Check out their other events below. PHOTO COURTESY OF CLARKSVILLEPD.ORG Swim with Santa 2 to 4 p.m. Dec. 12 A chance to swim with Santa is truly the best of both worlds. Indoor swimming complete with Christ- mas music crafts and hanging by the pool with St. Nick himself. At 3 per person you and the family can share a unique experience you wont soon forget. NewYears Eve Splash 830 p.m. Dec. 31 to 1230 a.m. Jan. 1 Ring in the NewYear splashing around with your family for 3 each. Enjoy the climbing wall water slide food and more. Dont forget anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a guardian after 10 p.m. Adults Only Big City Nights Barkley Bash 8 p.m. Dec. 31 to 945 a.m. Jan. 1 An epic NewYears celebration begins NewYears Eve at Lake Barkley State Resort Park 3500 State Park Road Cadiz. As its name indicates this party is like a night on the town in a big city and a great way to ring in the NewYear. It is strictly for adults 21 and older. Its a bit pricey but denitely worth it. Spend the evening dancing to live music fromThe Positive Movement Band enjoy a delicious buet and even an overnight stay complete with breakfast if you so desire.Whats the harm in splurging every once in a while Dinner and dance tickets are 120 per couple dance-only tick- ets are 75 per couple and the overnight special is 199.95. Fort Campbell Families-Winter 37 2519 Fort Campbell Blvd. Hopkinsville KY 270-886-8121 w w w . h a y s f u r n i t u r e . c o m 5 Years FREEFinancing HAPPY Holidays With approved credit and minimum purchase. See store for details. Its pretty easy to redecorate your home and you wont have to take off to do it. With a few quick and simple tips you can kick your homes look up a notch or two in a short amount of time. Use these tips to give your home a fresh look that you are proud to show off to visitors. Create a focal point A room should make a statement that draws eyes immediately to a single spot. It could be the bed in a master bedroom or the fireplace in a living room. Whatever the focal point is make sure the room revolves around that piece. Dont have a focal point Create one Choosing a piece of furniture or artwork to stand out will make the room look more put together and styl- ish. A good place for the focal point is the wall where your eyes naturally gaze when you step through the door. Get rid of clutter A cluttered space destroys all efforts to dec- orate. If you find you home littered with papers knick-knacks and outerwear invest in storage. With a few simple tools you can keep your home organized so the real beauty beneath the junk can shine through. Buy coat and shoe racks. Its amazing how fast a home can get un- organized when kids and husbands leave their things lying all over the house. Instead have a place for everything right by the front door. Get a bin for your mail. Keep your paperwork in one specific place and not strewn on the cof- fee table. Cut back on the knick-knacks. And a great way to clean up is to give back. Box up at least half of your stuff and donate it to charity. Buy a few high-quality items With the 500 you spend purchasing three mismatched recliners on sale a sofa-bed from a yard sale and a plethora of end tables that just arent the right height from a flea market you could have purchased a really nice sectional sofa instead. When you have a mismatched jumble of hand-me-down pieces the room wont have a clear focal point nor will it look tasteful. Choose more expensive pieces to add beauty to your home instead of trying to get as many pieces as you can because they are on sale. Empty space is OK. If you cant afford an expensive piece when you find it ask about layaway or save up and get it when you have the money. Revamp your windows Get some great new fixtures and you can find curtains in most colors and styles. If you cant find exactly what you want get creative try shower curtains. It doesnt take long to remove boring curtain rods and replace them with something spectacular. Decorate simply A few decorations to cele- brate the next holiday or spe- cial event can make your home more inviting yet polished. Consider your front door Pur- chase a basic evergreen or vine wreath and then use silk flowers to add seasonal flair. In the winter fix berries to a wreath and for the spring try some daffodils. Most soil flowers have wire in their stems making it easy to add to the wreath and remove. Inside arrange non-seasonal items like candles and vases and add an ap- propriate touches throughout the year are easy to remove. Shop small and local Youll find that your smaller local retailers have more unusual ideas and items for you to use. Plus shopping small is a way to give back by keeping your dollars circulating where you live work and play. Peg Hays began learning about retail in 1961 when her dad moved the family to Hopkinsville to manage what was Hudson Furniture and now Herb Hays Furniture. Since then Peg has loved doing all the things that have to be done to run a successful small business. Simple redecorating tips that work effortlessly PEG HAYS 38 Fort Campbell Families-Winter Busy schedules can leave you feeling drained but with the proper fuel you can ensure both you and your children have the energy needed to ace each day. Meal Plan Creating a meal plan which will help you stay organized maintain a good diet and avoid repeat trips to the store. To simplify shopping and preparation put together a list of favorite meals and snacks then group according to common ingredients. Use a dry erase calendar spreadsheet or online template to plot out menus one week at a time. Then draft a grocery list and stick to it. This will help you pass up the chips and cook- ies for more energy-boosting options. When you arrive home immediately wash and prep produce for the week to make it that much easier to make nutritious meals all week long. Start the Day off Right Wholesome breakfasts provide a pick-me-up in the morning and throughout the day. Squeeze some oranges for fresh juice and a vitamin C boost. You can make a pitcher each weekend to last several days. Serve with homemade granola bars for a satisfying start to the day. Smoothies are another easy breakfast. Whip up personalized flavors for each family member using the pre-set Smoothie and Power Blends programs on a Vitamix S50. This personal blenders 20-ounce container becomes a good travel cup for school or work. Freeze a variety of indi- vidual servings of fruit and vegetable combinations into zip-top bags blend with yogurt milk or juice and head out the door. Or use the ma- chines 40-ounce container to make larger batches for the family to enjoy together. A nourishing smoothie provides the fuel necessary for a pro- ductive start to the day. Mid-Day Motivation Prep power-packed lunches for school and work by including protein fruits and vegetables in an assortment of tastes and textures. You can use a premium blender to quickly prepare all kinds of dips and nut but- ters. Try homemade hummus with cucumber slices and carrot sticks and a side of strawberries and grapes. Or create fun finger foods such as a peanut butter and apple wrap or ants on a log -- almond butter and raisins on a celery stick. Remember to stay hydrated. Water is fuel and even mild dehydration can slow down body systems resulting in fatigue. Carry a large container of water to drink throughout the day. Dinner Delight Continue beneficial eating habits at dinner. Add extra vegetables to your menu with a squash cheese sauce for a new take on whole wheat macaroni and cheese. Or bake a wholesome pizza using fresh pesto or a white bean pure as the sauce. Instead of hitting the couch after dinner complement healthful eating by taking a walk with your family. Exercise provides a natural endorphin boost giving you extra motivation to maintain healthy habits. With planning a busy schedule wont be an excuse for bad habits. StatePoint Media 4 tips to boost your familys energy motivation Fort Campbell Families-Winter 39 the secret to MORE RSVPS Let us caater aall your HHoliday nneeds. Place yyour oorder online or oovver the phone at 2270890-0042. As a wway tto mmake your eexperience mmore rremarkable wwe ddeliverr aany oordeer tthat iis over 150.00 .................................................. 40 Fort Campbell Families-Winter When making holiday plans consider your pets health needs. Here five veterinary ex- perts weigh in on steps to keep pets happy and healthy amid the hubbub. Resist Those Pleading Eyes According to veterinary nutritionist Dr. Dottie LaFlamme high-calorie tidbits contribute to caloric overload and bad habits while lacking necessary nutrient balance. Just one teaspoon of beef fat can contain almost twice the calories a small dog should consume in daily treats LaFlamme notes adding that feeding from the table also pro- motes begging behavior. If you must give pets a treat feed it in their bowl after the meal to help with portion control. Avoid Holiday Hazards The holidays can be toxic to pets. Chocolate poisoning is one of the most common acci- dents during the holidays according to veteri- nary critical care specialist and toxicologist Dr. Justine Lee. Other food foes include grapes raisins bones unbaked yeast bread dough al- cohol and xylitol a common sugar substitute. Likewise Potpourri liquid contains deter- gents that can cause severe ulcers and burns in a cats mouth while tinsel can act as a se- vere linear foreign body when stuck in a cats stomach and intestines she explains. If youre hosting ensure houseguests pet- proof pill bottles. Take preventive measures Owners often experience a false sense of security about parasite prevention when the weather turns cooler. However the holidays are no time to take a break from heartworm prevention even though heartworms are spread by infected mosquitoes says veterinary parasitologist Dr. Patricia Payne. Why Because preventives work retroactively on heartworm larvae acquired earlier in the sea- son. Theres no way to accurately predict past or future transmission so the American Heart- worm Society recommends year-round heart- worm prevention for dogs and cats she explains. Make sure to put a reminder on your holiday calendar to give routine monthly pre- ventives to pets. Give the gift of activity When we removed hunting from pets daily lives we reduced their physical and mental ac- tivity explains veterinary behaviorist Dr. Jacqueline Neilson. When pets lack mental stimulation they can become bored and de- pressed and often create their own stimulating activities such as chewing items or barking at passersby. Beat this concern with food puzzles and toys that require pets to work play or hunt. Consider your pets personality when choosing holiday gifts says Neilson. If your dog likes to chew things a food toy that needs to be squeezed between the jaws may be ideal. Herding breeds may prefer a toy they can nudge. Travel prep An estimated 30 million people travel with their pets annually and holidays are primetime for hitting the road. Flying Check your airlines pet requirements. For car travel invest in a car- rier. Your pet will appreciate a safe haven while traveling says Dr. Robert Stannard who rec- ommends adding a favorite blanket to provide a sense of familiarity. Travel bowls favorite toys and medications are necessities not luxuries. Just be careful not to overfeed. Like us pets can get motion sickness says Stannard. Dont feed your pet right be- fore leaving and limit food during travel to help prevent digestive upset. With a few precautionary measures your four-legged family members can have a happy healthy holiday season. StatePoint Media 5stepstokeeppetshealthyduringtheholidays Fort Campbell Families-Winter 41 The Kentucky New Era introduces a new Sign up for Kentucky New Era Text Alerts for Breaking News Daily Weather Updates Sports Scores Weather Alerts School Closings and MORE Visit or text newera to 74574 to sign up. JUST WANT THE HIGHLIGHTS You pick what you get. ON THE GO Its easy to stay in touch mobile friendly website by SIGN UP NOW 42 Fort Campbell Families-Winter BIRTHDAYPARTIES SPECIALEVENTS Let us help you plan a party to remember. From personalized napkins banners balloons and placemats we have a package that works for your budget. Located inside the Kentucky New Era 1618 E. 9th Sreet Hopkinsville KY 270-885-7667 Fort Campbell Families-Winter 43 Call 931-444-0646 Clarksville Maarina Clarksville Marina at Liberty Park Clarksville TN Clarksviille Maarriina wishes you a peeaceful and happpy holidday seeaason. 44 Fort Campbell Families-Winter Starting at 67 CHAIRSIDE END TABLES boxed 56 COAT RACK boxed 217 METAL AND WOOD ACCENT SHELF boxed boxed 98 TV STAND Starting at 88 ACCENT TABLES Lots of styles and colors to choose from boxed Great Gift Ideas PADDED FABRIC OR METAL HEADBOARDS Starting At 149Footboardrailsandmetalframessold separately. Lotsofstylesandcolors tochoosefrom WINTER SAVINGS SPECTACULAR HURRY IN WHILE THE SAVINGS LAST CLARKSVILLE TN 931-552-0001 WILMA RUDOLPH BLVD OLD TRENTON RD CLARKSVILLE TN 931-542-5899 MON.-FRI. 10 AM - 7 PM SAT. 10 AM - 6 PM SUN. 1 PM - 5 PM MON.-FRI. 10 AM - 7 PM SAT. 10 AM - 6 PM SUN. 1 PM - 5 PM 2608 FT CAMPBELL BLVD. HOPKINSVILLE KY 270-885-7676 MON.-FRI. 9 AM - 7 PM SAT. 9 AM - 6 PM SUN. 1 PM - 5 PM 2168 FT CAMPBELL BLVD. Financing with approved credit. 12 month financing with 799 minimum purchase. See store for additional details. Prior sales excluded. Although every precaution is taken errors in pricing andor specs may occur in print. We reserve the right to correct any such errors. All groups may not be sold exactly as shown. ROOMS FOR LESS CHAISE SOFA Available in 3 colors 599 Switchbetweenleftandrightsidechaise SIDE ABLES LANE RECLINER 299 startingat LANE BIG MANS RECLINER 399 startingat Holdsupto500lbs LANE POWER LIFT CHAIRS 599 startingat