b'(")*(&(\x14)\x13)&\'*\x10)"\x16\x1c\x1f) *\x0b&\x14\x1c&))")\x1a**\x10\x01)\x1f\x1c\x1f(!!\x1b*\x0e#"*\x04#\x18Aging is di\x01erent for everyone. At best, it is predictablemoving according to plan. At worst, it presents challenges that put you, your family and your caregivers to the test. Care management services from Vandenack Weaver Truhlsen ensure that regardless of what may come, youre ready. Our team of highly skilled, compassionate professionals provides you with the resources and options that keep you in control of the decisions that are best for you. We then serve as your advocate to ensure your dignity, independence and peace of mind.Care Arrange for in-home careMonitor care in community settingsCreate care plansProvide support CommunicationAttend doctor visitsFacilitate family discussionsLocate reputable specialistsCoordinate with healthcare professionals Advocacy Review health insurance claimsAssist with long-term care insurance claimsLocate appropriate housing optionsReview Medicare options \x0e\x1c&\x1a*#\x18\'*\x17#\x15*\x1c\'*(!!*\' * )(\x13!)!\x1b*\'#\x14)\'\x17)"%*\x0c#&\'(\x1f\'*\x06(&\x1a)&(\x1f\x03*\x05)(\x16)"*\x07"\x18\x17! )&*\'#\x1a(\x1b%*** \x19$\x1d%\x08$\x19%\x11\x12$$**\x02**\x1e\x1e\x1e%\x1d\x12\x1d%\x11$$$ *17007 Marcy Street | Suite 3 Omaha, Nebraska 68118\x19$\x1d%\x19\x1d%\x1e\x1e\x0f\x0f*1650 Washington Street\x16\x15\'!(\x15\x1b)" %\x1f#\x13Blair, Nebraska 68008'