b'24AREA ATTRACTIONS & THE LOESS HILLS DISCOVER MONONA COUNTY!LIBRARIESLibraries are a cornerstone to a strong community. You may not notice it if you are not aware of it, but without it a community starts to crumble. Libraries provide many services including free public access computers, Wi-Fi, large print books, audio books, newspapers on microlm, DVDs, genealogy resources, and many others. Libraries offer a safe place for children and teens to explore, imagine and foster a love of reading. Ninety-six percent of Americans agree that public libraries are important. With a number like that, one can see that libraries are not becoming outdated as some claim but are changing and evolving with the times to offer information and resources to the public that is not only benecial, but alsoMoorhead Cultural Center 7important to the foundation of a strongMUSEUMScommunity. 102 Oak St., MoorheadMuseum of Varying displays devoted to the arts and Fisher-Whiting Library** American History 5 history of the Loess Hills.609 Courtright St. 302 South 7th St., Mapleton Kiwanis Museum Complex 8712.881.1312 www.mapleton.com/tourismwww.mapleton.lib.ia.us Tour: 712.881.1460 12th St. North, Onawa (acrossFB: Fisher Whiting Memorial Library;from the Monona County Fairgrounds) Mapleton, Iowa Originally commissioned during 1895 bykiwanismc.onawa@gmail.com C. I. Whiting as a memorial to his wife, thisFB: Kiwanis Museum Complex - OnawaOnawa Public Library**building remains one of the best examples 707 Iowa Ave. of Gothic Revival and Romanesque designThe Kiwanis Museum Complex features P: 712.423.1733 in the state. Because of the architecturerailroad depot, caboose, and railroad www.onawa.lib.ia.us preserved in the building, it has earned amemorabilia; a rural church; blacksmith FB: Onawa Public Library listing on the National Register of Historicshop, log cabin, and re station. The Places. Today a collection of politicalmuseum is open from Memorial Day Soldier Public Library** Americana as well as local history isweekend through Labor Day weekend.108 Oak St. highlighted within the museum.Monona County Historical9P: 712.884.2266 6FB: Soldier Public Library The William Ring House Museum ComplexNorth 6th St., Mapleton12th St. North, Onawa (across fromUte Public Library www.mapleton.com/tourism the Monona County Fairgrounds)130 Main St. Tour: 712.881.1460 FB: Monona County Historical Museumutelibrary@windstream.net Built in 1865, nine years after Wm RingThe Historical Museum features artifacts FB: Ute Public Library settled in northeast Monona County, thisfrom the 19th and 20th centuries including Whiting Public Library** house is known as the rst frame housea display devoted to the Eskimo Pie which 407 Whittier St in the Maple Valley. Nearly all the lumberwas invented in Onawa; antique farm equip-P: 712.455.2612 used in the house is walnut, and the housement; antique buggy sleigh and wagons; www.whiting.lib.ia.us has one room on the lower oor, and twoand 1920s, 1930s and 1940s kitchens. The FB: Whiting Public Library on the second oor. The house ofciallymuseum is open from Memorial Day week-opened for visitors on July 4, 2003, asend through Labor Day weekend.** Public WiFi Available part of Mapletons 125th anniversary celebration.'