b'26AREA ATTRACTIONS & THE LOESS HILLS DISCOVER MONONA COUNTY!THE LOESS HILLS The core of the Loess Hills National Scenic Byway in Monona County spans south to These bluffs are characterized by sharpnorth from the Soldier River Valley and featured hills, with deep saddles and highHwy. 183 through Moorhead, up Hwy. ridges. Although loess, the nely-groundL16 to Hwy. 37 and to Hwy. 175 through silt left behind by the glaciers, is foundCastana and along Hwys. L20, E16, and extensively, it is only in western Iowa and inL12 to Rodney. Monona County also northern China where it reaches depths upfeatures Loess Hills Excursion Loops. See to 200 feet thick. These hills were formedExcursion Loops on the map on pages 10,000 to 20,000 years ago and formed20-21.when silt, clay and ne sand were wind- Wilderness LoopOn paved blown and formed into the dune-like hills. and gravel roads, this 13-mile loop begins The massive bluffs stretch roughly fromby remaining on County Rd. L12. At Sioux City to Kansas City and remain veryNutmeg Ave., the loop turns northeast and much as they did 220 years ago whenbecomes Oak Ave. Turn right on 16th St. to the Lewis and Clark expedition traveledmeet Olive Ave. which heads east to rejoin the Missouri River as part of the Corp ofthe Byway on L20. About 30 minutesDiscovery as part of the directive fromdrive time.President Thomas Jefferson.The Loess Hills National Scenic BywayLarpenteur Road LoopOn offers 220 miles of scenic vistas, rarepaved County Rd. L14 all the way, this 10-prairie ora and fauna, rural communities,mile route begins at the junction of L14 and and public lands. L12 and traces the base of the hills south to The Loess Hills landform is an IowaTurin. About 15 minutes of drive time.treasure that spans more than 1,080 square miles along the eastern edge of the MissouriPreparation LoopOn paved River ood plain. This unique feature is up toand gravel roads, this 15 mile loop goes 15 miles wide and 220 miles long. Bridgingsouth of Turin along the base of the hills rural and metropolitan areas, the hills haveon historic Larpenteur Memorial Road something for everyone. and turns east on County Rd. E60. The www.visitloesshills.orgroad become 314th St. which passes FB: Loess Hills National Scenic Byway Preparation Canyon State Parks main entry and joins the Byway on Iowa Hwy. 183. About 30 minutes drive time.LOESS HILLSHOSPITALITYASSOCIATION 11119 Oak St. Moorhead712.886.5441loesshills4690@gmail.com FB: Loess Hills Hospitality AssociationThe Loess Hills Hospitality Association is a Welcome Center that provides maps and travel brochures. We have a Gift Shop and develop group tours and auto tours with trained tour guides.'