b'DISCOVER MONONA COUNTY! MONONA COUNTY TRIVIA298 What is the9 What is the oldest man in Iowa name of the(Monona County)?oldest 4-H Club in the State of Iowa? The Turin Man In 1955, a skeleton was discovered in a gravel pit near Turin, Iowa. The Jordan Sunshine Club wasExperts rst proposed that these remains were about 10,000 years old, formed in the spring of 1923 ingoing back to the early people of the ice age era. As archaeologists Jordan Township, near Soldier. continued to excavate, they found in succession three more human skeletons. After months of rigorous reconstruction of the remains and scientic testing, experts concluded that the skeletons were likely a family unit about 6,000 years old. The site provided evidence of prehistoric burial practices with many similarities to ancient burials found throughout the eastern United States. The skeletons found here in Turin were the oldest human remains discovered in the state until August of 2011, when archaeologists excavated a 7,000-year-old village in Des Moines.Pro Handyman ServicesKITCHENS Custom Trim Stairs Cabinets Doors Electrical PlumbingREMODELSBasement BATHROOMS Finishing Custom EntertainmentCenters & HomeTheaters'